Who We Are

Based in Mexico, MGS - MEXGS.COM is the industry leader in collectibles grading. Since 2017, MGS - MEXGS.COM has brought high-quality grading services to customers around the world.

Grading System

Using the stringent standards of Mexico's finest grading experts, our patented high-range, decimal-precision grading system is one-of-a-kind. The scale, from 2 to 78 (with a perfect score being 47.63), allows for a level of accuracy other grading services simply can't provide.

Our Grading Process

When your card arrives, it will be carefully reviewed and assessed by our professional team of specialists. These specialists will assign an arbitrary grade to your card, as well as a unique MGS ID identifier. Once an assessment has been made, the grade and MGS ID number are left directly on the card, so there can be no mistake: this card has undergone review by the most distinguished, most qualified grading service in the business. Next, the card is adhered to a top-of-the-line toploader protector, which locks in your card's grade for all time.

Last, but not least, your collectible card is entered into the MGS Official Log, a public database of all cards graded by MGS. Then, carefully packaged, your card is either returned to you or stored in the MGS Vault (receive a discount when you choose this option!).

MGS Vault

Cards deposited into the MGS Vault become the property of MGS - MEXGS.COM and will join an ever-growing cube of MGS-graded cards, which you can play when you see MGS in person!


Though MGS is the premiere grading service available, we are able to offer the most competitive rates, as well.

1-5 cards: $5.77 per card

6-20 cards: $4.28 per card

21+ cards: $2.91 per card

For each card you choose to deposit into the MGS Vault, save $1.13!

Submit Your Cards

To submit your cards, send an email to mgs@mexgs.com!

Please note that we do not accept payment in Pesos. US Dollars only, please.

Is This Real?

That depends on your definition of real. Yes, we will grade your cards using our proprietary system, and yes, we will return your graded card to you when we're finished (unless you've chosen to deposit into the MGS Vault, of course).